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Hazard Expertise

Charles Parrish

Vice President of Agriculture
Inter-Faith Food Shuttle

How can I help?
I can help develop resilient food systems and strategies for protecting agricultural crops from extreme weather events. I also provide food distribution and hunger relief in response to natural disasters.

Chris Crew

Hazard Mitigation Plans Manager
NC Emergency Management

How can I help?
I can answer questions about Hazard Mitigation Plans. I also offer expertise in floodplain management and environmental and historic preservation.

David Korte

Senior Geologist,  Engineering Geology and Geologic Hazards
NC Department of Enviornmental Quality - NC Geological Survey

How can I help?
I provide landslide inventory and susceptibility maps for resiliency planning, and I can discuss land subsidence issues. I also respond to landslides in coordination with state and local Emergency Management.

David Williams

NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Division of Soil and Water Conservation

How can I help?
Along with my colleagues, I help landowners and communities manage water and reduce erosion with best management practices.

Emma Hughes

Sustainability Coordinator
NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

How can I help?
I can provide general support on developing climate resilience strategies. I can also help connect you with subject matter experts in the NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

Erin Seekamp

Goodnight Distinguished Professor and Director of the Coastal Resilience and Sustainability Initiative
NC State University

How can I help?
I can help develop community engagement and outreach strategies, connect leaders to experts at NC State University and facilitate research collaborations between scientists, policymakers, health professionals and more.

Evan Couzo

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences
UNC Asheville

How can I help?
I can talk with you about air quality sources and health impacts. I also have a deep understanding of climate science.

Faye Koenigsmark

Geographic Information Systems Analyst
NC Department of Health and Human Services - Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Branch

How can I help?
I combine demographic, socioeconomic and environmental information into maps and data dashboards. I can help you use this information to identify communities with disproportionate exposure to environmental hazards and impacts.

Gail Hartfield

Senior Meteorologist
NOAA National Weather Service

How can I help?
As a NWS meteorologist, I can assist governments, community leaders and others with application of forecasts and observations, interpretation of weather information and guidance for protection of life and property.

Hank William Kaylor

NC Department of Information Technology

How can I help?
I can talk with you about ways to make your data center more energy efficient and more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Heather Brutz

Transportation Program Director
NC State University - Clean Energy Technology Center

How can I help?
I specialize in planning for electric vehicle charging resilience during natural disasters.

Ian McMillan

Policy and Planning Manager, State Energy Office
NC Department of Environmental Quality - State Energy Office

How can I help?
Together with my colleagues, I provide technical assistance on the impacts of climate change on energy infrastructure, building energy resilience with clean energy solutions, and short- and long-term resilience planning for flooding issues. 

James Baltzer

Project Manager
NC Department of Environmental Quality - Division of Water Infrastructure

How can I help?
I can talk with you about your stormwater projects and guide you toward successful completion.

Jason King

Director of Strategic Member Services
NC Association of County Commissioners

How can I help?
I provide expertise to counties in the areas of advocacy, research, risk management and education and leadership training.

Jason Pleasant

Hazard Mitigation Development Supervisor
NC Department of Public Safety - NC Emergency Management

How can I help?
I have direct, ongoing experience with benefit-cost analysis (BCA). I can answer questions about quantifying carbon emissions and sea level rise for BCAs in FEMA grants.