Find Funding: Grant Assistance

Getting Help with Your Application

Many communities do not have the staff capacity to write their own grant proposals. The organizations described below offer grant writing assistance.

If your organization offers grant application support and you would like to be listed on this page, please Contact Us.

North Carolina Councils of Governments

Many Councils of Governments (COG) in North Carolina offer grant writing assistance to local governments in their regions. Contact your COG to see if they offer this service.


North Carolina Resource Conservation and Development Program

The North Carolina Resource Conservation and Development Association (NC RCDA) hosts 10 councils that serve all 100 counties in North Carolina. Regional representatives are available to help find, write and manage grant applications. Topics can focus on natural resource improvement, recreation, tourism, economic development, community improvement or education. Some services are offered for free, and others require payment. Contact NC RCDA for more information and to locate your local council.


Environmental Finance Centers

The University of North Carolina and the Southeast Sustainability Directors Network serve as Environmental Finance Centers for North Carolina. These centers provide technical assistance to local governments, states, tribes, territories and non-governmental organizations that are seeking funding for underserved communities that have historically struggled to access federal funding. Projects should focus on obtaining resources for water infrastructure improvements.


Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Centers

REACT4EJ is the Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Center (TCTAC) serving North Carolina. REACT4EJ provides training and technical support to communities working on environmental justice issues related to air, water and soil quality; personal exposure to environmental hazards; clean energy transitions; and climate change resilience. This EPA Region 4 TCTAC can help with identifying and applying for funding, supporting partnerships with other EJ organizations, navigating online governmental systems and tools, and more. Research Triangle Institute (RTI International) manages the REACT4EJ in partnership with North Carolina Central University.