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Hazard Expertise

Alex Crosland

Strategic Buyout Program Manager
NC Department of Public Safety - NC Office of Recovery and Resiliency

How can I help?
I specialize in developing state and federally supported housing and infrastructure programs that help survivors return to or remain in safe and sustainable housing. 

Alexander Yoshizumi

Senior Project Manager
NC State University - NC Clean Energy Technology Center

How can I help?
I specialize in modeling energy, transportation and environmental systems to help communities understand and bolster their resilience in the face of severe weather events and environmental change.

Amin Davis

Grants Manager, State and Local Projects
NC Department of Environmental Quality - Division of Water Resources

How can I help?
I can provide technical assistance and talk with you about resources for grant-funded green infrastructure and nature-based projects.  

Aminah Keys

Public Health Educator
NC Department of Health and Human Services - Division of Public Health

How can I help?
I facilitate community education on climate impacts, health implications and collaborative strategies, aiding North Carolina's local leaders in informed climate resilience decisions.

Andrea Webster

Resilience Policy Advisor
NC Department of Public Safety - NC Office of Recovery and Resiliency

How can I help?
I can help you find tools and resources for your climate resilience challenges, and I can discuss resilience strategies for a variety of climate impacts. I specialize in extreme heat.

Andrew Fox

NC State University - Coastal Dynamics Design Lab

How can I help?
Together with my colleagues, I provide technical assistance for short-term rebuilding and long-term resilience planning. Outcomes include citizen engagement, programming and design recommendations, grant applications and funding generation, and construction of community amenities.

AnnMarie Yow

Project Planner
Mid-Carolina Regional Council

How can I help?
For members of the Mid-Carolina region, I can provide technical assistance on resiliency, recovery and emergency management planning efforts. I can also assist with identifying and writing grant opportunities.

Antonio Evans

Wastewater Unit Supervisor
NC Department of Environmental Quality - Division of Water Infrastructure

How can I help?
I can answer questions about available funding opportunities for stormwater planning (including stormwater utility planning) and stormwater infrastructure projects for controlling stormwater quantity and quality.

Ashlyn Shore

Science Editor
UNC Asheville - National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center

How can I help?
I can talk with you about climate change and resilience and offer technical support in developing plans and grants.

Barbara Doll

Associate Extension Professor; Extension Specialist
NC State University; NC Sea Grant

How can I help?
My engineering team and I conduct hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to evaluate the causes and options to address river-related flooding. I use models to evaluate both gray and green infrastructure solutions.

Brian Byrd

Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Western Carolina University

How can I help?
As an expert in vector-borne disease biology and epidemiology, I can help local leaders develop plans to prioritize public health and bolster resilience against the health impacts of climate change.

Brian G McAdoo

Associate Professor of Earth and Climate Science
Duke University

How can I help?
As an Earth systems scientist with over 20 years of studying natural disasters, I can help communities — especially marginalized communities — integrate academic data and approaches to come up with functional solutions.

Bridget Parrish

Engineer II
NC Department of Environmental Quality - State Energy Office

How can I help?
I can talk with you about the impacts of climate change on energy infrastructure. I can also discuss building energy resilience with clean energy solutions. 

Brooke Massa

Land Conservation Biologist
NC Wildlife Resources Commission - Green Growth Toolbox Program

How can I help?
I support the Green Growth Toolbox Program, which assists communities with using conservation planning tools to support climate resiliency goals. I can provide technical assistance, cost-share funding and training.

Cayla Cothron

Coastal Planning Specialist
NC Sea Grant

How can I help?
I support planning, policy and decision‐making that improves the resilience and sustainability of coastal communities and ecosystems through extension-based services, including outreach, education, technical assistance and applied research.