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Severe coastal erosion from waves at Surfers' Point in Ventura, CA. (Source: NOAA)

Restoring Surfers' Point: Partnership's persistence pays off

Last Updated: April 24, 2024

Coastal erosion repeatedly damaged bike paths and parking lots near Ventura, Calif. Potential solutions for erosion management generated conflict among different local user groups. After more than a decade of effort to build consensus, a coastal retreat strategy identified ways to remove build infrastructure from natural beach erosion processes.

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View of Rhode Island Capitol building from treelined walkway.

Rhode Island uses urban forestry to adapt to climate change and improve public health

Last Updated: March 27, 2024

Rhode Island is working to increase equitable access to nature across the state through a suite of urban forest planning tools, policy initiatives and financing mechanisms.

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View of Salt Lake City's smoggy sky from surrounding mountain ridge.

Salt Lake City adapts to improve air quality through smart growth

Last Updated: February 1, 2024

Salt Lake City’s sustainability plan sets goals to improve air quality, protect community health and reduce particulate matter and ozone pollution — both of which are likely to increase because of climate change. The plan identified strategies, many of which are transportation-focused, to reduce current and future air pollution.

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View of San Francisco Bay from lawn of India Basin Park shoreline.

San Francisco cleans up India Basin Waterfront brownfield site as part of greenspace development effort

Last Updated: April 17, 2024

San Francisco collaborated with partners to evaluate, assess and clean up a former boatyard on a coastal brownfield. The City purchased the property to remediate the brownfield and convert it into a park. The project creates greenspace in a community with environmental justice concerns. The design accommodates sea level rise.

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View of the Hampton Bridge over the Hampton River near the mouth to Atlantic Ocean between Hampton Beach and Seabrook in Town of Hampton, New Hampshire.

Seabrook, N.H., plans for sea level rise

Last Updated: December 19, 2023

New Hampshire’s regional Rockingham Planning Commission developed tools to help communities prioritize resources to respond to sea level rise. They used mapping data to create visual, numerical and presentation-based products. These products supported the adaptation planning process and helped area communities identify at-risk assets.

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